The Show

A majestic display of live music
with an excellent set of dancer

The Show

A Belle Epoque theater carefully restored and a luxury salon with the perfect acoustic will make of your visit a memorable soirée.

A majestic display of live music with an excellent set of dancer, the flawless performance of our singers and the most exquisite dishes will accompany a perfect soirée with all the magic, spirit and remembrance of Buenos Aires, Piazzolla and Tango.

Our Piazzolla Tango sextet, accompanied by an excellent ballet and the best of Argentinean voices, will offer every night a unique show: “Las Cuatro Estaciones del Tango” (Four season of Tango) is based on Astor Piazzolla´s traditional songs and great Argentinean compositors.

The Sextet

The selection of the material includes some inevitable titles for the spectator that comes for the first time to Buenos Aires and also some others that have interesting peculiarities be it the musicality, the lyrics, the strength of the melody, the intensity of the instruments, or magic Of Astor Piazzolla circling the chords.

The instrumental formation and also the musical arrangements of the themes are inspired by the tastes of Piazzolla himself, who preferred to give a space of play and improvisation to each performer. Piano, two bandoneones, two violins, and double bass are an impeccable combination to listen to the intensions, the modulations in the themes and the "color" that Piazzolla gave to his compositions.

A compact set of musicians who interpret the style of each era and immerse themselves in the innovative spirit of the great Astor.

The Dancy Body

Seduction, sympathy, sensuality, vigor …. The couples of dancers show a particular and different aspect of Tango-dance in each theme. The choreography changes with one or another musical style, each piece highlighting the musical variations, the picaresque subtlety of some milongas, the melancholy climates of Piazzolla, or the strength of the hall steps in Pugliese themes. The dancers show in each dance proposal the different velocities, qualities of movements and intensities that induce the chosen compositions.

The Voices

Ricardo Marín is a young artist of great trajectory in our country, began to sing as a child in tango programs of the TV Argentina projecting itself like a singer prodigy for the heading. Since that beginning Ricardo Marín has developed his career with great people of the popular music, participated in important Orchestras of tango, accompanied with his voice to personalities that marked the history of the tango to be today a young artist with an enormous artistic experience. He has completed his career with actor training in films, plays and musical shows. Today Piazzolla Tango chooses him as his official singer because he meets the right conditions to interpret a varied and demanding repertoire like the one that can be seen in the Piazzolla Tango Show; His vocal amplitude and the charisma of his voice and personality make a classic tango go back to the strength, masculinity and passion of the old guard and also that the melodies of Astor Piazzolla with the poetry of Ferrer in more contemporary tangos can excite us with subtlety And the whispers of his interpretation.

The female voices Vanina Tagini and Cecilia Casado contribute to the show with touches of humor and an arrabalero style, the interpretative quality of each one of them makes use of the sympathetic phrasing, the seductive tone, the phrasing dragged in the darker tangos, and also Visceral singing; That shows them with force of the classic "tango" of Argentina. Each of them has traveled through tango and folklore in various countries of the world managing to captivate very heterogeneous audiences.

The team of singers is of international level and great trajectory; Are artists who have the right conditions to play a varied repertoire like the one chosen in the Piazzolla Tango show.